Public Notice - Message from Municipal Services Department on Drinking Water


It is the role of the Municipal Services Department – Utilities Division to maintain the water treatment and distribution system for the Town which includes sampling and testing to ensure that drinking water standards are being met. Over the past few days, we have received complaints from various residents regarding color, odor, and taste at which time we have examined both the treatment and distribution systems to ensure that the water supplied is safe and complying with the drinking water standards set forth by the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (DES). The water source for the Town switches from Canobie Lake to Arlington Pond during the month of December, which provides for a different environmental medium and can be related to changing aesthetic qualities including taste and odor. However it is important to understand that treatment and distribution are handled consistently and despite the change in characteristics, the water continues to be safe to consume. The environment and weather play a huge role in establishing the type of raw water brought into the treatment plant and given the warm winter temperatures and rainfall, the water source becomes more susceptible to providing a raw product that could have quality issues.

Additional sampling and testing were done in those areas that generated complaints immediately, and the results have come back indicating no health issues. We will continue to monitor and log any complaints received including sampling and testing if warranted. I want to emphasize that these issues should be temporary due to changing natural conditions, and that the water coming from the distribution system meets all standards set by the DES and is safe to drink. We understand the expectation that our consumers have for their water to look, taste, and smell good so we take all complaints seriously and will continue to provide the best water we can resolving any issues that may arise. The best way to reduce taste and odor issues at your residence is to run your faucet including hot water to allow the water to run through your system.

Please feel free to call the Utilities Division should you have any concerns or questions: 603-890-2171.

Thank You,

Roy E. Sorenson, Municipal Services Director