Recycling Information

Single Stream Recycling

Recycling is mandatory in Salem, as per Town Code Chapter 409.  

Recycling made simple- It all goes together. These items can be deposited in the same area; there is no need to separate:  Cardboard pizza boxes (with no food, oil is OK), Newspapers, Magazines, Catalogs Telephone/Soft Cover Books, Junk MaillEnvelopes (all types), Paper (all colors, staples/paperclips are okay), Paperboard (cereal/shoe boxes), Milk/Juice Cartons, Cardboard, Brown Paper Bags, Plastic Bottles and plastic containers #1-7, SodaiJuicelWater Bottles (glass or plastic), Milk Jugs, Bleach & Detergent Bottles, Shampoo Bottles, Food containers (cottage cheese/margarine/yogurt, etc.), Glass Bottles/Jars (any color) Aluminum (pie plates/trays/foil), Metal Cans (tin/steel/aluminum) and Plastic Toys with (#'s1-7).


These items CANNOT be recycled:  Dirty paper (paper plates, tissues), plastic bags, light bulbs, plate or pane glass, drinking glasses, mirrors, ceramics, broken glass, automotive product cans, aerosol cans, paint cans, plastic wrap, motor oil bottles or anti-freeze bottles, foam packing, Styrofoam, PVC pipes, and any household hazardous waste items.

Help Salem save $57.00 per ton by recycling !!!