Limited Access Procedures

Tax Collector
How do I obtain the dollar amount or a statement showing what I paid for taxes last year?
Call 890-2109 for verbal information; statements can be sent via first class mail, email, or fax.
How do I pay my property tax bill online?
On the Town of Salem’s website home page, select the online payment1 button and follow the instructions accordingly.  There is no fee for an e-check, but you will be charged a fee of 2.95% of the total payment by the credit/debit card companies.
How will I know how much I owe on my account?
The online system will reflect the balance of the outstanding invoice(s) with interest and fees calculated as of that date. Call 890-2109 and we can verbally calculate the interest through the date of payment and/or send a printed statement via first class mail, email, or fax.
Can I still drop off my property tax payment at the Town Hall?
Yes; there is a drop box located on the front stairs of the Town Hall. Put your check in a sealed envelope along with a copy of the bill that is being paid. Cash is not an acceptable form of payment using this method.