Mill and Overlay Pavement Maintenance Program

September 17, 2019

The Town of Salem's upcoming Mill and Overlay pavement maintenance program is about to commence in your neighborhood on or about July 23, 2019 on the following roads:

Liberty Street, Ganley Dr

Theresa Ave will begin on Tuesday, October 1. 2019

Please periodically visit the Town Projects website Works for updates. 

In order to efficiently facilitate this maintenance project, all lawn sprinklers/irrigation systems may need to be moved out of the Town's right-of-way.  Please make arrangements to remove irrigation components if they are within close proximity to the edge of pavement or in the road shoulder.  These are in essence "private" systems located within the Town of Salem's Right-of-Way (ROW).  As such, the Town of Salem will not be responsible for damage to private irrigation/sprinkler systems.