Records Department

The Records Unit handles all of the department records and reports. The Unit is open to the public on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 8 am and 12 pm.  Requests can also be made by mail.

The most common request from the public is to obtain a copy of a police accident report. Officers submit their reports to the Records Unit upon the completion of the accident investigation. Most are available within a few days but some more complex investigations require more investigation.

For general questions, the office can be contacted at

To request an incident or accident report, you can submit the following form, records request form. The cost of .50 cents per page must be payed using a check or money order on the day you pick up the report(s).  The cost will be relayed to you when the Records Unit informs you the report is ready to be picked up.  Cash cannot be accepted.

If you are looking for discovery for an arrest you will need to submit the following form discovery request form and send it to the Prosecution Division.  There is no fee for discovery reports.

Victims of domestic abuse can obtain a copy of the police report at no cost pursuant to NH RSA Section 173-B:10 Protection by Peace Officers.