10-Year Road Program 2019-2028

Photo looking down road - taken from center - trees on both sides

General Info

Lead Department: Municipal Services - Engineering
Project Manager: Daniel Hudson, Engineering Director
Funding: N/A

Project Details

The Town of Salem Board of Selectmen desire a long term planning document in order to outline goals and objectives associated with the reconstruction and maintenance of the Town’s road system. The existing database and pavement management system implemented by the Town in 2003 is a suitable methodology for record keeping and tracking, however, a clear long term outline of future road projects and maintenance efforts is warranted. Substantial benefit is gained from the development of a long term plan. A well documented Road Program provides the ability to better coordinate road work with other Town projects (such as sewer/water system expansion, bridge/culvert replacement, and intersection upgrades). Such coordination provides cost efficiency in the construction of the work. In addition to efficiencies gained by project coordination, a long term Road Program provides a better long term picture of the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) and the fiscal planning associated with it, and also clarifies project time frames for the general public. A long term Road Program also provides a view of future road system conditions. Number of road miles that are reconstruction or maintained can be compared to past efforts, and will lead to further evaluation of overall road system impacts, as the Town strives to improve road conditions.


Full Program Description

10-Year Road Program 2020-2029 Revised 10/21/19

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