Water Quality

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The Salem Utilities Division has been receiving water quality complaints particularly due to color. On Friday, May 20th, we switched over to Canobie Lake water including increasing our flows by over 800 gallons per minute as demands for water increase due to the onset of summer. Because of that, there may have been some mineral deposits including iron which are present in the distribution system that got stirred up causing discoloration. There is no health hazard associated with this process and water is safe to use. We will be out hydrant flushing at night in those areas that we have received complaints. The discoloring will begin to clear up as the disturbance in the system settles out and/or is flushed, but it may take several days. If this issue does not clear up, please call the Utilities Division at 603-890-2171 at which time we will look at further testing and sampling. We are sorry for this inconvenience and appreciate the expectation that we produce a high-quality drinking water.