What is the utility shut off policy?

Utility bills are due 25 days from the bill date printed on the bill. 30 days after the due date a delinquent notice is mailed to the bill payer on the account and the owner, if the owner is not the bill payer. Within a few weeks from that date, a certified notice will be mailed to the bill payer giving the exact date of shut off. This is usually the first Wednesday of the month for commercial accounts and the third Wednesday of the month for residential accounts. Payment in full of all overdue bills is due in our office by 5 p.m. of the previous day. If payment is not received by that time, a shut off and turn on fee of $50 would be placed on the account.  This fee is due whether you are shut off that day or not.  All payments at that time would need to be made by cash or money order only.

All of the overdue charges including the shut off and turn on fees would then need to be paid to the Billing Department personnel in the Town Hall before the water would be turned back on. If you are unable to pay your bill by the deadline date for the shut off, we ask that you call our office as soon as possible to make other arrangements. Depending on which you might qualify for, you will either be allowed to enter into a payment plan with the Town or be directed to the Human Services Department for assistance.