South Broadway Sewer, Water, & Bridge Improvements

The South Broadway Sewer, Water, and Bridge Project improves the Town's sewer, water and bridge infrastructure along an approximate 1.5 mile segment of South Broadway between Main Street and Cluff Crossing Road with some water main replacement work extending up parts of Main Street. The Project includes: replacement of approx. 7,700 linear feet of aging sewer main (mostly 24" diamter) to 20-foot depths in some areas; rerouting sewer flows away from Main Street and Granite Avenue to reduce/eliminate surcharging and backups; replacement of approx. 7,700 linear feet of water main (mostly 12" diamter) with a history of breaks; and replacement of an undersized box culvert with a 12-foot span arch bridge to reduce flooding through the area. Construction for this project is complex due to the depths and locations of infrastructure so progress will be slow. Lane closures are necessary, so expect significant delays and seek alternate routes if possible. Work began in June 2018 near Cluff Crossing Road, progressed from south to north near Main Street and is not nearing completion. This project is scheduled for completion in 2020. 

General Info

Lead Department: Municipal Services Department - Engineering Division
Project Manager: Roy Sorenson, Municipal Services Director
Design Engineers: Underwood Engineers, CDM Smith
Funding: Clean Water and Drinking Water State Revolving Funds (SRF)
Construction Contractor: DeFelice Corporation

Construction Hotline: 978-726-2873 (for general inquiries, questions, and complaints)

Interactive Project Map - access to progress reports

S Broadway Map

Project Updates

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