Engineering Projects

Engineering Overview

Welcome to the Salem Engineering Division web page for capital projects. This page is utilized proactively by the Engineering Division to provide pertinent and timely information to the general public relative to certain ongoing capital projects which are under the Salem Engineering Division jurisdiction. In general, the type of project information typically contained at this site include: (1) Road Improvement Projects: The Engineering Division is responsible for the planning and implementation of road reconstruction projects. As the Town has more than 180 road miles, there is also much coordination that is done with the Municipal Services Department and the Utilities Division relative to sewer/water extensions, drainage improvements, and pavement maintenance. This coordination attempts to maximize the Town's infrastructure investment through efficiency of scheduling and combined work efforts of each department. (2) Bridge Projects: The Engineering Division maintains a working inventory of 16 Municipally Managed bridges within Salem. Projects are planned and designed in accordance with NHDOT Municipal Bridge Aid protocols. In general, all active construction projects will be found on this site. Each project has descriptions and regular construction reports identifying the progress of the work. General news updates are also provided for upcoming activities of note on any given project. STAY INFORMED! Please review this site regularly to see what construction is happening in your Town. Feel free to contact the Salem Engineering Division with any general inquiries if you do not find your answers here.

Current Year Projects Overview

Capital Projects scheduled for 2019 include: (1) Town Farm Road Reconstruction; (2) Neighborhood Road Program - Fox Run Lane, Clover Court, Wildflower Lane, Lincoln Terrace, Olde Woode Road, and Stoneybrook Lane; (3) Northeastern Boulevard Reconstruction (4) Engineering design and planning for future reconstruction on Industrial Drive, West Duston Road and various neighborhood roads.   The Engineering Division also supports the Public Works Division on the anual Roadway Stabilization Project ("Mill & Overlay") in addition to other minor annual capital improvement projects.

Out-Year Projects Overview

Out year projects are established during the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) process. Long term engineering capital projects within the CIP will be presented at a later date.