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The Town of Salem is committed to supporting business and economic growth. We are here to help plan and support your business needs and connect you to available resources.


Supporting Your Business Needs

For future growth and development opportunities, Salem offers municipal water and sewer for businesses and the community. Our natural gas supplier is Unitil Corporation and our electricity supplier is Liberty Utilities.



Available Financing & Assistance

We are here to help you every step of the way. The Town of Salem is dedicated to seeking innovative approaches to make your projects and ideas successful.

  • Community Development Block Grants (CDBG)

    • is a financing tool for community growth and provides benefits to low-to-moderate income residents. Funding is available for infrastructure improvements, affordable housing, planning, or economic development projects.

  • Economic Revitalization Zone (ERZ) 

    • is a tax credit that offers a short-term business credit for projects that improve infrastructure and create jobs in designated areas within a municipality. Salem has qualified for five ERZ zones.
  • NH Job Training Fund

    • This is available to business in NH and thinking about relocating to the state. It requires a minimum of a 50 percent match with a max of $100,000.
  • Research and Development Tax Credit

    • Are available for business organizations that have expenditure made during the fiscal year for qualified manufacturing research and development. These expenditures are wages paid to employees of the business organization for services rendered in NH which qualify and are reported as a credit by the business organization under section 41 of the Internal Revenue Code.
  • Community Technical Assistance Program

    • Assists communities in the I-93 region plan for future growth, the NH DOT is offering grant opportunities to communities with a proposed project.
  • Community Loan Fund

    • Provides loans, capital, and technical assistance to enable traditionally underserved people to participate more fully in New Hampshire’s economy.
  • Business Finance Authority

    • Serves manufacturers, small and medium-sized businesses, health providers, and non-profit educational and cultural organizations, by developing and implementing programs which expand the availability of credit in the state.


Greater Salem Chamber of Commerce


Available Resources





Licensing & Permitting




Please contact the Community Development Department with any questions related to these development financing incentives, resources, and licenses.