Cemetery Guidelines

  • General Rules: Drive only on roads and at a rate of speed not to exceed 10 MPH. Dogs are not allowed to run at large. Do not walk on grass, trespass upon lots or grounds or commit any nuisance. Do not pick flowers, either wild or cultivated. No bicycle riding, horseback riding, motorcycles, trail bikes, skate boards or other such equipment allowed.
  • Neglect: If the owner of a lot neglects to maintain the lot, and the condition detracts from the appearance of the Cemetery, the Superintendent may have the lot placed in order.
  • Plantings: The planting of evergreens or shrubs is subject to the approval of the Superintendent. No rose bushes, trees or hedges are permitted.
  • Monuments: Only one central monument may be placed upon a lot. Its location and the building of the foundation; therefore, shall be under the direction of the Superintendent. All grave markers and cornerstones must be set flush to the ground. All monuments must have a foundation.
  • Foundations: Foundations for monuments and headstones will be constructed under the supervision of the Superintendent. This should be on written order from dealers who furnish monuments.
  • Urns, Receptacles, etc.: Urns and receptacles for flowers will be inverted when not in use. If permitted to become unsightly, or if not in proper use, they will be removed. Flowers will be removed when they become unsightly. Urns must be removed when a central monument is installed, as the same area is reserved for one or the other. The Cemetery is not responsible for damage or theft of urns, shrubs, wreaths, receptacles or baskets.
  • Glass Containers: The use of glass containers is not permitted, as they present a danger to employees.
  • Number of Containers: The placing of flower pots and containers on lots isn't permitted. These should be placed in a large urn or one container for the general appearance of the Cemetery, and to keep the grass from drying out. The planting of flowers is only permitted in front of the stone, all other digging, sod removal, etc. is not permitted
  • Enclosures: No lot shall be enclosed by any fence, railing, wall , hedge, ditch or embankment.