Limited Access Procedures

Building Division
How do I apply for Fire, Building, Electric, Plumbing & Gas Permits?
Permit applications1 are available to print under the Fire Department or Inspectional Services, Building Safety Division on the Town Website.
Applications also available in file cabinet in front of Town Hall.
How long will my Building Review take?
A rough estimate is 2 weeks, depending on what needs to be reviewed.
How long will Fire Alarm and Sprinkler permit applications take?
You will receive a phone call from Fire Prevention Clerk Debra Scafidi the next day to discuss the time frame.
How long will my Electric, Plumbing & Gas Review take?
Normally, it is next day.
How do I submit completed applications for Fire Department or Inspectional Services?
A Drop Box has been established at the front of Town Hall.  Please put all information with a completed application in an envelope before placing in Drop Box.
A COMPLETE application must include your phone number/email for us to contact you.
No payment is accepted unless you have spoken directly to the Inspector about the fee.
Once the application is approved and a fee is established, we will contact you.
How do I pay for my permit?
Checks must be in a sealed envelope clearly marked for the appropriate job site.
Credit Cards are accepted from the Online Payments2 page.  You will need your invoice number to complete. 
How do I pick up my permit?
Building Permits: your signature is required on 2 copies.  It will be located in the file cabinet located at front of Town Hall (2nd drawer down).  Please sign both copes, keep the hard copy for your job site. 
Electric - Plumbing - Gas Permits:  sent by email
Fire: sent by email
Will my inspection still happen?
Building, Electric, Plumbing & Gas - call in your inspection as normal on the Designated Inspection Line. Listen to the message for furher instructions.
Fire - contact Fire Prevention Clerk Debra Scafidi at 603-890-2209 to discuss.