Meet the Board of Selectmen

The duty of the Board of Selectmen, as per RSA 41:8, is to "manage the prudential affairs of the town". The Board of Selectmen establish policies, set the long term goals and direction for the provision of municipal services, and review and authorize budgetary expenditures and other appropriations deemed necessary for municipal services.
While the members of the Board of Selectmen are not generally in the administrative offices during the day, any inquiries, concerns, or issues can be addressed by the Administrative staff and/or the Town Manager, Christopher Dillon.  In addition, the Selectmen may be reached at their homes, if desired, or you may mail correspondence to them at the Salem Town Hall, 33 Geremonty Drive, Salem, NH 03079, or e-mail the Board of Selectmen at: Currently, the individuals serving as your Board of Selectmen are:
Term Ends March 2021
Committee Representation:
Budget Committee (Alternate)
Planning Board (Alternate)
Recreation Advisory Committee (Alternate)
Term Ends March 2020
Committee Representation:
Conservation Commission
Historic District Commission
SE Regional HazMat Handling
Ad Hoc Fire Station Committee
Economic Development Action Committee (Alternate)
Term Ends March 2020
Committee Representation:
Greater Lawrence Sanitary District
Town Wide Road Stablization Committee
Recreation Advisory Committee
Conservation Commission (Alternate)
Budget Committee (2nd Alternate)
Term Ends March 2019
Committee Representation:
Economic Development Action Committee
Planning Board
SE Regional HazMat Handling (Alternate)
Town Wide Road Stabilization Committee (Alternate)
Term Ends March 2021
Committee Representation:
Budget Committee
Ad Hoc Municipal Facilities Committee
Historic District Commission (Alternate)
Planning Board (2nd Alternate)