The Assessing Department has the responsibility to discover and list all taxable property, maintain accurate ownership information and process all request as pertains to the various programs offered under the laws of the State of New Hampshire.

Individual property assessments are available on the Search Assessing Records tab in the upper left corner of this page. Specific data available on the cards includes lot size, ownership and sales information, photos, sketches, outbuildings and specific data as pertains to the age and size of the building along with the number of rooms, baths, bedrooms and other construction details.

The Town of Salem's last revaluation was done for the 2016 tax year. The upcoming revaluation will be for the 2021 tax year. Per State Statute 75:8-a, municipalities are required to reappraise all real estate within the municipality so that the assessments are at full and true value at least as often as every fifth year.  Further, the NH Constitution (Part 2 Article 6) requires that each municipality takes values anew every 5 years.  A revaluation for tax year 2021 meets these requirements.

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