The Utilities Division provides long term support for water and wastewater services for the community. Water supply and treatment are two critical components of the future.

The Canobie Lake Water Treatment Facility treats the water supply of Canobie Lake to produce high quality drinking water. The facility has a capacity to provide up to 6.0 million gallons per day (mgd). The treatment facility was designed and built to comply with EPA's Safe Drinking Water Act and Surface Water Treatment Rule.

The Canobie Lake water supply is important to the Town of Salem. Increasing Population and water demand are approaching the limits of the available supplies in Salem. Additional supplies are needed and existing supplies must be reliable. By filtering the surface water, the threat of bacterial contamination is substantially reduced and Canobie Lake becomes an extremely reliable source of drinking water for present and future needs.

Canobie Lake and Arlington Pond are the Utilities Division's two reservoirs. There is no swimming in Canobie Lake. Arlington Pond draw down starts on Columbus Day week. The gates are closed on or about Patriots Day week to refill the Pond, barring any unforeseen spring thaw events. Should residents experience discolored clothing as a result of a water main break; "red-out" rust remover may be obtained at the Canobie Lake Water Treatment Plant. Residents that experience problems with watercolor, taste, or pressure are urged to call the Canobie Lake Water Treatment Plant.

Water distribution/construction requests for inspections must be made 24 hours in advance. Please call (603) 890-2156 for further details.

Requests for final meter readings may be made by calling (603) 890-2042.

Billing questions? See Finance Department for further information.

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