What can I bring to the Transfer Station?

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When arriving at the Transfer Station you will notice the different locations to place your bundles. Please ask the attendant for further instruction. When you enter the Transfer Station with C&D Material you will see the attendant first. The attendant at the trash building will accept your filled out coupon and direct you to the proper dumpster.

  • All household trash - you must separate.
  • Plastic, Cans, bottles/glass (called co-mingles) Newspaper, Cardboard. This all gets placed in the building.
  • Scrap Metal - no coupon needed - white goods (washer/dryers/propane tanks) see attendant and he will direct you to the proper location. Refrigerators need the door removed.
  • Brush - less than 4" in diameter are to be placed in the appropriate pile - see attendant.
  • Leaves and grass are to be placed in a separate pile - see attendant.
  • Waste oil - in the waste oil drum - see attendant.
  • Automobile batteries - to be placed in the battery bin - see attendant.
  • Latex Paint  only - must be dried up.
  • Ordinance - Refer to the Salem Administrative Municipal Codes - #302