How do I register my car in Salem?

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To register a car in Salem you need to prove residency at the Assessor's Office if you are a new resident.  Please call 890-2115 to find out what you need to bring in to prove residency.

All vehicles 2000 or newer will need a title until the vehicle is 15 years old, with the exception of heavy trucks, which will always require a title.

If you are a new resident and there is a lien on your vehicle with an out of state lien holder you will need to bring your current registration, the name and address of your lien holder and the present mileage on the vehicle. At this time, we will prepare a title application that will be mailed to the NH Title Bureau who will request the title from the lien holder. After they receive your title you will be sent a letter that you will bring to us along with your title application and we will then register your vehicle.

If your lien holder is in NH you will need to contact that lien holder for the title.

If there is no lien on your vehicle you will need to bring in the title and your vehicle will be registered at that time. If your vehicle is older than 1998 and you do not have the title you will need to bring in your registration or any other paperwork that gives the information on the car i.e. the make, model, VIN etc.

Fees are computed when your registration is being processed. There are two separate fees that will need to be paid. One is a personal property tax to the Town and the other is a plate fee to the State. Fees are all pro-rated from the month you come in to the month of renewal. The minimum number of months of a registration is 5 and the maximum is 16. There is also a $25 title fee for a titled vehicle. All vehicles registered to an individual expire in the registrant's month of birth. If the vehicle is registered to a business or to a leasing company the first letter of the company name determines the month of renewal.

 Payments may be made by cash, or check if check is imprinted with a Salem, NH address or if you own the Salem, NH property you live in or the check is under $25.00. The Town of Salem, NH does not take credit or debit cards.

If you have just purchased a vehicle you will need a Certificate of Origin if it is new or a Title if it is used.

If you bought the vehicle from a NH licensed dealer the dealer will have prepared the Title application for you and you will need to bring in the Town Clerk's copy of this application. You will not have a CO or a Title in this case.

If you are transferring your plates from another vehicle that is currently registered to you in NH you will also need your old registration ( it must be the original registration). If you are not sure whether or not you should transfer we will help you determine what you should do when you come in.

Renewals may be done by mail, on-line or in person at the Town Hall. You will receive your renewal notice by mail with instructions.

We are now agents for the State of New Hampshire. That means we can do the Town and State portion of your registration here  at the Town Hall for an additional $3.00 agent fee per transaction.  You can also choose not to pay the agent fee here and do the Town portion only then finish up at the DMV which is located at 154 Main St (behind Romano's Pizza). In order to do any type of vehicle registration you must be on the residents list.

See the following site for useful Driver's License Information.