Public Works

Mill and Overlay Road Maintenance Project
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Our Mission Statement

The Department of Public Works will provide support to the citizens of Salem through the safe operation, proper maintenance, and future development of highways, supporting infrastructure, cemeteries, facilities, recreational parks, utilities and waste services in a manner that is cost conscious without sacrificing quality.

This mission statement is intended to support the department's goals by looking into ourselves and determining where we will be in the future. By following our mission statement and achieving our goals we will be able to evaluate our performance, accountability, and effectiveness and determine where we are today and how we should respond in the future to the increased demand in the volume of services.

The Department of Public Works is a year-round, 24 hour a day operation. The DPW is comprised of Highway, Fleet, Parks & Properties, Cemeteries, Solid Waste, Water and Wastewater Divisions with 38 employees. Public Works is considered the "nucleus" of every Town. Salem Public Works has a group of talented employees who are dedicated to their job, their performance and the residents of Salem.


Contact the Public Works main phone number at 890-2150, fax 890-3882. Hours of operation are 7:00am to 3:30pm, Monday through Friday. (24 hr voice mail) Emergencies may be reported other times by contacting the Fire Department business line at 890-2200.

The Town of Salem maintains 210.5 miles of roads. Please call us at 890-2150 to report potholes, catch basin problems, street signs missing, tree or tree limbs down in road, icy roads, or drainage problems.

To report a street light out call Liberty Utilities at 1-855-349-9455.

Did you know...

  • Salem has 210.5 miles of road and 25 miles of sidewalks?
  • Did you know that we collected 10 Tons of trash last year – from the road sides? If you see someone litter, report it to the police department. Litter does cost each taxpayer!
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