Fingerprints & Child ID Program

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Public Fingerprinting/Livescan Services

The Salem Police Department provides public fingerprinting to residents of Salem and any out of town employees who are employed by a business located in Salem.  

All fingerprints needed for State Police background checks for Poker room employees, Poker Charity members, Nursing, Daycare, NH Banking, Education Employment or any other NH based background checks, will only be printed at the Live Scan office located within the Salem DMV at 154 Main St.  To schedule an appointment please call 603-223-3867. 

Please click here to verify whether you need livescan printing. 

Fingerprinting is not available for immigration purposes. 

Fingerprinting Hours:



For all other fingerprint reasons not listed above, please schedule an appointment with Detective Donahue at 890-2313 or

Fingerprinting Fees

The Salem Police Department charges a $15.00 fee per card for the service.  Payment must be made by check or money order.  Please make checks/money orders payable to Town of Salem.  Print cards will not be provided. 


Fingerprinting Documentation Required

You must bring a valid form of identification.  Valid identification is a current NH Driver's License, passport, military ID or State issued Identification Card.  Other current State driver's license or State idenfication cards may be accepted.


Child ID Program

The Salem Police Department is proud to be only the second agency in New England, and the first in New Hampshire, to possess an electronic child ID kit. The kit, created by NEC Corporation, was obtained through a  generous donation from the Arlington Pond Protective Association.

The electronic child ID kit is designed to digitally scan a child's fingerprint, photograph and other pertinent details of the child to where the information is then downloaded onto a memory stick for the parent. NOTE: This information is not kept on file with the Salem Police Department. This information can then easily and quickly be retrieved by a police agency should the need for the information be necessary. The benefit to this system is that memory sticks are carried around by more people today than ever before. The older paper book ID kits with ink prints and a taped on photograph are often kept at home. Memory sticks are kept on key chains and in pocketbooks and are often with the parent while away from home where the concern for a missing child may happen.

Child ID & Fingerprinting Hours:



To schedule child fingerprints, please contact Officer Michael McCarthy (Community Services Unit) at                                      890-2387 or

Multiple family members (up to 10) can be placed on a single memory stick using as little as 32MB. Memory sticks are not provided by the Salem Police.