Citizens Police Academy

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Citizens Police Academy

  • Any interested citizen who resides in the Town of Salem
  • Citizens 18 years of age or older
  • Citizens whom do not have a known criminal history
  • Members of the Salem Exchange Club


The Citizen's Police Academy runs for eleven (11) weeks, beginning September 11, 2018.  Classes will be held at Salem Police Department on Tuesday evenings from 6:00 PM until 9:00 PM.  Classes may run longer depending on subject matter and class questions.

The course instruction is comprehensive, covering a different area of the Polioce Department each week.  The academy spans over 11 weeks on Tuesday evenings.  Certified police officers, supervisors and civialian attorneys will conduct each topic.  There is no cost for this class due to a generous donation from the Salem Exchange Club.

Graduates from the Citizen's Police Academy will have a better understanding of the operation of the Salem Police Department.  They will also have a greater awareness and appreciation of the challenges and decisions faced by the members of the Salem Police Department each and every day.  Community involovmentis the most powerful force any law enforcement agency has in it's fight against crime.

A local records and criminal history check will be performed on all applicants selected for admission.  Persons with a history of theft, repeated offenses, drug related crimes and any other history which would call the character of the applicant into question will not be considered.

Citizens Police Academy Application