Press Release on 2017 Tax Rate

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FEBRUARY 14, 2017 

The Town of Salem is pleased to announce that as a result of amendments offered by the Board of Selectmen at Saturday’s Deliberative Session, the resulting tax rate will show a decrease of .92% from 2016 for the Board of Selectmen proposed budget (excluding citizens’ petitions).  The inclusion of all citizen petitions, including the All Veterans’ Tax credit, will result in a tax rate of $6.60 for 2017, which is the same as 2016.  


The municipal tax decrease was enabled by a reduction in the Road Construction and Engineering Program (“Road Program”) warrant article of $715,000 due to favorable bid prices and careful allocation of the 2016 Road Program funding.  The Board of Selectmen also announced that the Town of Salem will be able to complete an additional $580,000 of road work in 2017 without additional funding.