Police Audit

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In February 2018, the Town of Salem, through its employment law firm, Drummond Woodsum, engaged Kroll Inc. to conduct an audit of the Salem Police Department.  The focus of the audit was to review policies, practices, and procedures in the areas of Time and Attendance and Internal Affairs complaint investigations.  The audit report has recently been completed and submitted to the Town Manager, Board of Selectmen and Police Chief for review.

The Kroll report identifies several areas where there are opportunities to improve current policies and procedures.  The Town will be contracting with Municipal Resources Inc. for the services of a civilian police administrator to assist the Salem Police Department to implement Kroll’s recommendations, including the creation and implementation of new policies and procedures.

Town Manager Dillon stated, “The men and women that work for the police department are dedicated and hardworking.  I have met with them and they recognize improvements need to be made and will work with the civilian administrator to address the recommendations identified in the report.”

The Town is obligated to protect the privacy rights of its employees.  Accordingly, the Kroll report has been redacted to remove information regarding specific Town employees.  The redacted report is being made available by clicking the links below.  In addition, the Town has posted Police Chief Donovan’s response to the report (also redacted). 

Questions regarding the Kroll Report should be directed to the Town Manager.

* Please do not jump to assumptions by reading portions of the reports and creating your own narrative for the redacted portions.

Time and Attendance Audit

Internal Affairs Investigation Audit

Culture - Addendum

Chief Donovan's Response

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