Geographic Information System (GIS) / Town Maps

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Maps available for download:

2018 Streets Map (pdf, 24x36)
Bike-Ped Corridor Phasing Plan (jpeg)
Historic District (jpeg)
Open Space Areas, 2018 (24x36)
Polling Areas and Voting Locations, 2018 (24x36) View Live Map here
Recreational Facilities (jpeg)
Zoning Map, 2018 (24x36)
Water and Sewer Infrastructure Areas, 2018 (24x36)
Water Resources Map, 2018 (including Prime Wetlands) (24x36)

Tax Maps

The map below can be used to access individual Tax Maps. Use the +/- Buttons to zoom into an area or search by a street name or address.  Click on the yellow cells to view pdf maps. 


2017 Tax Map Atlas (11x17) (pdf, large file - 50MB)

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