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The Communications division (also known as "Dispatch" or "Fire Alarm") is staffed 24 hrs/7 days a week with one (1) dispatcher.  They are responsible for

  • answering and routing all incoming calls to the fire department
  • answering all 911 calls 
  • dispatching all fire apparatus to emergencies
  • monitoring all fire alarm systems in the town
  • assisting and issuing burning permits for residents
  • interacting with all other agencies involved in any emergency

Fire Alarm Monitoring System ( Radio Box )

In 2007 the Town of Salem adopted a change to the local Fire Codes to have all municipal fire alarm systems operate under a "radio box" system. Many people have seen or recall seeing in Salem the classic "red fire box" that was located on a building or a telephone pole which worked via a red telephone line.  The modern day version of this system works via "radio waves" with no lines stringing from pole to pole.  

Any where a radio box is located in Salem, the fire alarm system is tied in directly to the Communications center for continuous monitoring.