Council on Aging

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The Council on Aging serves as an advisory board to Salem Senior Services. There are seven members of the Council and one representative from the Board of Selectmen. The Council aims to identify the needs of the community's elderly population and available resources to meet such needs; to educate the community at large in the needs of the elderly; to design, promote and implement needed services; and to coordinate with existing local services for the elderly.

Appointed By:

Board of Selectmen annually in April, 3-year terms

Board Members

Name Title
Russell Ingram Chairman (April 2020)
Linda Cignoni Vice Chair/Treasurer (April 2021)
David Thompson Member (April 2019)
Robert Dennis Member (April 2019)
Matthew Ferrara Member (April 2019)
Paula McGillivray Secretary (April 2020)
Gary Schmottlach Member (April 2021)
Lisa S. Withrow Selectmen Representative
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