Conservation Commission

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The Conservation Commission consists of six resident members, two residents serving as alternates and one representative from the Boardof Selectmen. The Commission reviews, approves, and regulates all proposed activity which may have an impact on any resource under its jurisdiction. They review plans for activities, including new development and redevelopment, that may affect our wetlands; impose conditions to ensure that those activities do not cause erosion or pollution that would harm the waters or wetlands; and seek opportunities to increase and improve open space in the Town.

Members appointed by the Board of Selectmen annually in April for 3-year terms.

Note: The public is welcome to attend meetings. All agendas, minutes and notices provided on this website are for informational purposes only. Draft versions of minutes may be subject to change. Official copies and any attachments referenced are available at the Town Hall.

Board Members

Name Title
Stefanie Giallongo Chairman (April 2019)
Ruth Tanner Isaks Vice-Chairman (April 2018)
David Blake Secretary (April 2019)
Regina Andler (April 2018)
Glen Edwards (April 2020)
Linda Harvey (April 2020)
Darlene Eden Alternate (April 2018)
Rhonda McCune Alternate (April 2020)
Everett P. McBride, Jr. Selectmen Representative
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