GIS / Town Maps

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Maps available for download:

2018 Streets Map (pdf, 24x36)
2017 Tax Map Atlas (11x17) (pdf, large file - 50MB)
HIstoric District (jpeg)
Bike-Ped Corridor Phasing Plan (jpeg)
Recreational Facilities (jpeg)
Open Space Areas (24x36)
Polling Areas and Voting Locations (24x36)
Zoning Map (24x36)

Prime Wetlands Map (update coming soon)


A Geographic Information System (GIS) combines traditional mapping with databases to make information about areas or features accessible for viewing, editing or analysis, all organized around each feature’s place.  The system has wide ranging applications for nearly every department in Salem, including most notably Municipal Services, Police, Fire, Assessing and Community Development.  There are also broad applications to the Planning Board and Conservation Commission to view and analyze development proposals. 

In the Fire Department, for instance, emergency dispatching is aided immensely by maps that display the call location and nearby features to help in locating and responding to service calls, including the location of hydrants, driveways/access points, helicopter landing zones, transmission poles, gas lines and other relevant features. 

GIS was established in Salem in the early 2000’s and the Town has since assembled a rich library of mapped resources including base features such as roads/buildings/sidewalks/addresses/parking and operational features such as the municipal water, sewer and drainage networks, parcel boundaries,  zoning districts, voting districts, conservation areas, public trails and recreation areas.